Split Personality

I’m talking about a car here. And not just a car. An SUV. That too a 4 Wheel Drive. Yea, I know I am showing off a little but hello? I’m a girl. Why wouldn’t I brag about Off-Roading a Fortuner?

And the fact that the car took care of me.

You must be wondering what is up with this ‘Spilt Personality’. There’s no other way I can describe the car. It’s hot and cool, protective and harsh, stubborn and adjusting. All at the same time.

So, I am not a major auto-reviewer criticizing or praising an automobile here. That’s not my job. I want to talk about my heart-in-the-mouth experience.

Few months back, we had driven to Lonavala in a Fortuner. Sturdy black one. I was quite impressed. But I was like, “What the hell, I am not sure if I’ll be able to drive this huge Toyota car.” And I didn’t.

Lo Behold! Few months later, I was driving a super hot white Fortuner on the slush and the mud in the middle of the rains. Forget the smooth and silky roads. This was an off-roading track. Chocolate coloured mud (by the way, which looked darn hot on a white Fortuner), small and large rocks, twigs and the water. It rained on and off. That made the terrain more competitive and inviting. But the car didn’t care. I had not seen this side of the two-faced monster.

What added to the excitement was the build-up I faced. Somehow, my turn to sit on the driver’s seat was getting delayed now and then. The off-roading expert who had done almost 40 laps took us for another round. It did come to us as an experience when he was almost zooming through the track. The car obeyed the master without any questions. In 15-20 minutes, we were back at the beginning of the same track. This time the driving seat was for me. I had to do it. It was so welcoming. It gave me some kind of confidence. And ofcourse, I had my ego to take care of 😛

In between the blaring walkie-talkie with the off-roading expert, the downpour and @yashasmitta and @udaibir with bated breath, I challenged the car. And it passed the test.  Leaving a very proud enthusiast inside me.

Thanks to a lot of people.

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Friday Madness


You have no idea about this. I didn’t. Until now.

Well, I know it’s a little strange that #IAM writing it on a Wednesday night – Thursday now. But hey, you’ll know what #IAM saying.

Will keep you posted.

You know why? ‘Cos I have a story to tell you.

Thanks for listening to me at this time of night.


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So, it’s one of those not very normal days when news come to you. And oh boy, is it unexpected.

First, I finally really really like a coffee – the Nescafe Classic. I taste the Cappuccino along with it and no it does not hold any chance. Atleast, not in my quest with coffee.

Second, a con-call happens. (Woah, ok a conference call happens. In my defence, it’s the side effects of being employed). And here, after hearing the news i don’t scream or shout. Just smile away to glory.

Third, I speak with my parents and they now tend to start believing their daughter has grown up. Ask them why?

Fourth, Dad calls me back with yet another news he has been waiting for.

Fifth, something in the digital world today leaves me super elated.

And then, a rasogolla.

I know, it may not seem very interesting to a third person but I wanted to document this day. And, I did. In Just a few sentences.

Back to business now.


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Thank God It’s (Was) Sunday

Why do I love Sundays? Ok, I know its a stupid question because who does not? But then there is something about the day which gives me a kick . Not because it’s a break from an extremely hectic week or that I can sleep till noon. Or, watch TV and laze around all day.

A Sunday makes me well acquainted with the latest fad in Bollywood music. Something like, say, munni badnaam hui.. main cinema hall hua. A Sunday does the inevitable. It takes me ration shopping.  A Sunday, also treats me with steamed momos and boiled eggs.

It makes me switch off from the rest of the world, until the realisation hits in that it wont see me for the next 6 days. Like now.


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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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